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Bricklaying Services
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SS Bricklayers provide skilled bricklayers for all domestic requirements from minor brickwork and block work repairs, maintenance and new installation projects, from build garden walls, flank walls, dwarf walls, conservatory brickwork, full extensions, brick paving, pointing and re-pointing, brick bbq and general bricklaying repairs.

If you would like to call us and discuss your requirements, it would be helpful to provide the following information

  • Provide measurements of the project you wish to embark on..

  • Is it to match the existing walls? What type of brick?

  • How may windows/door if any?

If your interested in calculating the numbers of Bricks required:

In order to work out how many bricks are required for your project, you’ll first need to determine how many square meters of brickwork are to be built.

The standard house brick size is L230 x W110 x H76mm, when accounting for 10mm mortar joints gives us 50 bricks per square meter (BPSM ) on single skin brick wall.
The easiest method is to multiply the length of the wall by the height, subtract the area of any openings (doors, windows etc), and multiply the m2 result by 50 (BPSM).
As most windows & openings are made to standard sizes, brickwork is also gauged vertically & horizontally.


10 bricks long with joints = 2400mm.
7 courses of brickwork = 600mm

Brick work bonds

Traditional brickwork in England has long seen the demise of early bricklaying techniques such as Tuckpointing, and bonding like English Bond for example. Stretcher bond has taken over enormously in the last 40-50 years due to the efficiency and speed of construction. likewise, with the pressures on the budget, more intricate and time consuming work is very rarely requested.

Here are some examples of different bonding techniques which can be used, Stretcher bond, Flemish bond, English bond, each of these bonds result in differing compressive & lateral strength, English bond being the strongest.

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